When you decide to get hitched, the following days feel blissful and you can’t stop being excited for the next chapter in your life to come. However, as you approach the wedding day, the butterflies in your stomach turn you into a bundle of nerves for all the planning that is required. If you miss one thing, you might regret it for the rest of your life. One such thing on the wedding list is finding and hiring the right DJ. Ifyou’rewonderingwhat you’ll need to keep in mind when hiring a DJ, here’s your shortcut.


Primarily, you need to conduct research to come up with a list of potential DJs in your area. If you’re looking for a DJ in Ottawa, running an internet search for Ottawa DJ would help too. Word of mouth combined with online reviews would help you shortlist a few. Once you have a handful of DJs, you can be more specific in choosing one.

Ask for a sample of their work

DJing is a skill and you can’t know what they are like unless they are ready to produce a sample of their work in front of you. Ask the DJ what kind of genre they play and explain what you expect them to play. Here, it’s important that you and your DJ are on the same page. If not, you better walk out and continue hunting for the right one instead of negotiating the genre too much. A DJ would only be able to play articulately when he works around the genre he is passionate about.

Check equipment

It’s understandable that you wouldn’t know too much about music equipment, that too, DJ equipment if you’re a layman. However, do a little research and make sure the equipment they use are at professional level. This saves you from the worry of something going wrong at the time of performance. If you know all the equipment they plan to carry to the venue, you would also be able to figure out if the venue would be able to accommodate it all or not.

Are they friendly?

Besides playing in a way that creates the right kind of ambience, DJs are also supposed to be friendly to uplift the moods of the people who are at your wedding. If the DJ doesn’t seem friendly, you better ditch them and look for an amiable DJ.

Hiring the right kind of DJ can make a significant difference in your wedding celebrations. It also takes away the stress of having to make and manage your own playlist and rent equipment.