Things you must know to recognize the best headphone

There are many brands of headphones are available in the market. Selecting the best headphone is really a daunting task. Headphones specifications are complex and technical. Considering specifications of headphones will help in recognizing and selecting the best headphone for you and let you experience good sound quality.

Here are important specifications of headphones you must understand before buying it.

1.      In-ear

In-ear headphones, or in-ear monitors, can sit in the ear canal.  They are very close to the eardrum, so it can deliver outstanding sound quality and can also stop the external noise.

2.      On-ear

On-ear headphones, or supra-aural headphones, will rest on ear top. They also deliver sound directly to ear canal but cannot seal outside noise.

3.      Over-ear

Over-ear or circumaural headphones, cover the entire ear. Being large in size they can have a large driver which can produce louder volume and have great bass performance.

Generally, headphones are referred as anopen back or close back based on open or sealed ear cups. Closed back headphones provide better noise isolation. Open back headphones leaks sound but can deliver natural sound.

4.      Drivers

The driver is the vital part of headphones. It converts electrical signals into sound waves. These are the parts which generate sound in a pair of headphones.

5.      SPL (Sound Pressure Level) or Sensitivity

These two are related terms and are present in headphone specification chart. These will decide the loudness of headphones. Sensitivity indicates the efficient conversion of electrical signal to acoustic signal. Sensitivity is measured with SPL and expressed as decibels of SPL per mw (mill watt).

6.      Impedance

Electrical resistance is measured in impedance in Ohms. Higher the impedance more the resistance which means more power is consumed by headphones.

Bottom Line

Consider all the above features before buying a headphone to make the best selection and enjoy best sound quality.