Comfortable pair of headphones

Headphones are the most convenient type of a hard ware device that can be wear around every day. Comfort is one of the biggest factor to be considered while purchasing of headphones.

Best head phones are said to be when they the following features:

Light weight

Audio quality (balanced sound)

Comfortable (well padded)

Right fit

Value for money


Headphones ability to reproduce the sounds outside the headphone giving it a dimension is transparency.

Good pair of headphones are important for those who don’t use speakers.  A Best headphone includes an excellent sound quality wherein batteries are not required and they provide a tangle free wire which allow to increase the life of headphones. Don’t compromise on the quality as it is durable factor.  Headphones with less quality can break easily whereas the uncomfortable headphones can distract the user causing pain in the long run.

Best quality headphone has an extremely flat low frequency. A good sensitivity headphone indicates how loud they are for a given level. Good headphone amplifies low frequency by half closing the rear section in order to avoid the applying of pressure to the ears.  20 to 20,000hz is the standard for most headphones and is generally accepted as the best frequency response.

Some headphones can be compatible with mobile phones have volume controls and a button to answer the call.

Noise Cancellation

Some headphones have electronic chips and microphones. Even though it records noise, it creates the inverse sound of that and cancels it. It works well for low and medium frequencies and requires more power.

Therefore, it is important to select a suitable pair of headphones according to ones needs as good earphones not only sounds good but also feel good. Few headphones are ear whisperers. The best justification of a good headphone can be measured on how pleasant they are while they are on head.