Why Switzerland Dominates the Watch-Making Market

Switzerland and quality are synonymous words when it comes to watches. “Swiss Made” is considered a benchmark in quality and is a buzzword among watch connoisseurs. The art of watch making began in Switzerland three centuries ago, and watchmakers in this part of the world have established themselves as world leaders in this industry. Home to several renowned brands like the historic AudemarsPiguet Watches, its hard not to fall for the allure of these timeless mechanical machines.

Let’s look at some reasons why the Swiss are the go-to horologists in today’s world.

Form over function

Whether a watch costs $10 or $1000, its core function remains the same – to tell the time. So why would you go on and buy a 1000 dollar watch when you can perfectly tell the time on an Asian made watch for one-hundredth of the price. The answer to this question is that you don’t buy a Swiss watch just to tell the time. The form factor of Swiss watches ooze royalty and the highest standards of elegance and quality. There is an undeniable pride when you flaunt a watch that is Swiss made.

Undeniable quality of materials

Famous watch-making brands have a rich history. Centuries of craftmanship, dedication, perseverance, and decades of fine-tuning has made watchmaking a fine art. Swiss watches – especially the handcrafted mechanical variety, is known for its precision and pedigree. The materials used are of the highest quality, down to the smallest screw in a watch.

Lasting durability

Swiss manufacturers employ standards and procedures of the highest quality for manufacturing their watches. When you buy a Swiss watch, it is an investment rather than a temporary fashion trend, meant to last for generations. For the solid steel variety of watches, the material used in rust-proof and highly resistant to scratches. This ensures that the body stays clear for years to come. The movement of Swiss made watches is hand assembled, and a great deal of precision is used for the internal mechanisms.


Design appeal

Swiss made watches have eye-popping appearance. A lot of effort is put into the design of each watch that comes out of the factory. Every model should be unique and timeless, allowing innovation and aesthetic appeal to blend seamlessly into the overall look of the watch. This makes Swiss made watches vintage items, due to their lasting style that withstands the test of time.

Rich culture and history

Every Swiss brand has a rich and colorful history. From early humble beginnings where watch-makers had to hone their skills of precision and concentration when assembling a watch, to adapting designs and style to today’s modern world while staying a class apart, Swiss made watches are fine examples of innovation in design and build. The origins of Swiss watchmaking can be traced as far back as the 16th century. Established in 1875, Audemars Piguet Watches can easily be recognized among a thousand other watches, due to its distinctive design and fine craftmanship.

Whether it is your first wristwatch or just another collection to your inventory, “Swiss made” is the way to go when it comes to elegant, built to last watches.